OTOY's ORBX technology built into new Amazon EC2 GPU instances launched today: next-generation cloud gaming, scalable GPU ray traced rendering, Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya, delivered to any HTML5 web page


Los Angeles, CA - November 5, 2013


OTOY technology, now offered in the AWS Marketplace via Windows and Linux Amazon EC2 AMIs, provides Amazon Web Services customers with a turn-key solution for delivering high-performance games and Windows applications to the open web - using only HTML5 and JavaScript.


Today OTOY announced that ORBX.js, a revolutionary 'zero-client' streaming technology is made available to all Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers worldwide through the AWS Marketplace. The ORBX.js streaming technology is incorporated into the new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) G2 instance type also unveiled by AWS today.


"As we launched our latest Amazon EC2 instance type to bring further capabilities to our customers today, we are excited to collaborate with OTOY to extend the reach of this powerful and disruptive technology," said Matt Wood, General Manager, Data Science at AWS. "The combination of OTOY and Amazon EC2 G2 instances provides an immediate and compelling solution for customers looking to build graphics-intensive applications on top of these instances."


With this news, AWS infrastructure can be leveraged to deploy high-performance NVIDIA GRID GPU graphics on-demand, not only to thin-clients, but also to any HTML5 webpage using ORBX.js. "The OTOY ORBX AMI is the easiest way for Software-as-a-Service companies to immediately access the video streaming capabilities in NVIDIA GRID instances," said Steven Parker, GM of Professional Design and Visualization, NVIDIA. "Many graphics-intensive applications, from Autodesk 3D design software to games, can be hosted by AWS on NVIDIA GRID GPUs and streamed using OTOY software to a browser on any device."


ORBX.js is a pure JavaScript framework developed in partnership with Mozilla and Autodesk to make the open web the de-facto standard for consuming high-performance cloud graphics. ORBX.js enables state of the art 1080p60 cloud streaming to all HTML5 browsers, without the use of plug-ins, browser-specific video codecs, thin client-installations or native code dependencies.


"Mozilla's mission of making the Web the leading platform for the greatest number of users and developers today hit a major milestone," said Brendan Eich, Mozilla CTO and creator of JavaScript. "With JavaScript performance now rivaling that of safe native code, thanks to Mozilla-pioneered technology such as asm.js and WebGL, the innovative approach used in OTOY's ORBX.js now makes it possible to run powerful native apps from any popular OS through a modern browser. This robust commercial solution for running high performance games and desktop applications on the Web without plugins, demonstrates the power of the Web as a platform for software development and distribution."


ORBX enabled AMIs on Amazon EC2 provide a complete Windows or Linux desktop or workstation replacement in the cloud, capable of installing and running software or services designed for traditional PCs. This means that PC software and games can be easily whitelisted to run remotely from Amazon EC2 without modification, including day and date deployment of games and apps through digital delivery platforms such as Valve's Steam OS or Ubisoft's Uplay.


Octane Cloud Workstation - Autodesk Edition


Working together, OTOY and Autodesk are using AWS to help make sophisticated 3D design and engineering applications available via a web browser. By deploying a high-performance, pre-configured 'OctaneCloud Workstation' AMI, design and engineering professionals can access Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor software to perform major design work without ever having to download a piece of software to their local PC. The AMI integrates OTOY's Octane Render Service, enabling artists and designers to generate photorealistic images in real-time across hundreds of GPUs on Amazon EC2, within Autodesk software.


"Designers and engineers have an increasing need to be mobile, accessing the tools they need anytime, anywhere and from any device. Simple viewing and mark-up of documents is no longer sufficient - they need to be able to access powerful 3D design applications, be able to do real design work and not worry about sacrificing performance," said Jeff Kowalski, Chief Technology Officer at Autodesk. "This is now possible with technology developed by Autodesk, AWS and OTOY."

ORBX Cloud Gaming for IPTV and embedded devices


The ORBX Cloud Game Console AMI also supports NVIDIA GRID's H.264 hardware encoder, providing end-to-end cloud gaming for millions of embedded devices, set top boxes and Smart TVs within the same software stack and API that powers ORBX.js for HTML5 streaming.


Octane Cloud subscription service for end users - built on Amazon EC2, powered by ORBX and Octane Render


Concurrent to the launch of its technology in AWS, OTOY is deploying 'OctaneCloud' on otoy.com. OctaneCloud is a consumer-facing subscription service built on AWS that gives end users their own high-end Windows PC in the cloud for as little as $9.99 per month. The service is built on top of OTOY's OctaneCloud Workstation AMIs and is fully licensed to run Microsoft Windows software in the cloud, including Microsoft Office 2013.


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OTOY Inc. is a pioneer in the field of CG rendering, visual effects software and cloud streaming technology. In 2010, OTOY's LightStage™ tools received an Academy Award® for their role in creating a breakthrough visual effects pipeline for films. For more information about OTOY, ORBX™ and LightStage™, visit www.otoy.com.


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